COVID-19: It is Immoral to force people to take vaccine - Oyedepo

COVID-19: It is Immoral to force people to take vaccine - Oyedepo

The Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has insisted he will not take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Oyedepo said it is immoral to force people to take the vaccine, stressing that Nigeria’s are not guinea pigs.

Speaking on Saturday during his church’s Hour of Prayer service, the popular cleric said it is his job is to expose the devil and its agents.

“I have never seen a generation where you force people to take vaccines. It is inhuman; it is immoral sir. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think it is legal. You can’t come to my house and want to give me injection,” Oyedepo said.

“On what? Did I invite you? They are confused. But the church has the answer. Did you see any outbreak of virus here? How will it enter the gate? Will it come through the air? How? One woman just got down after that injection in Kaduna. What kind of life? Are human beings now turned to guinea pigs?

“The world is confused but the church is lighted. So the triumph of the church will humble the pride of the world. They don’t know what to do sir. In the last days, the church will be reigning in power and glory.That is God’s agenda.

“No apologies. There is a big, big bird in our land, saying “don’t take it, they are deceivers. Let me see someone who will come and inject me. By who? Are you going to tie my hands. How? Did I invite you? I know you are quiet, you will hear more of it. My job is to expose the devil and tell his agents “get off, we are not guinea pigs.”