Death toll for Ethiopia's Amhara clashes 'may be 200'

Death toll for Ethiopia's Amhara clashes 'may be 200'

Ethiopia's chief ombudsman says the number of people killed in recent clashes between the country's two largest ethnic groups may be as high as 200.

Earlier reports said about 50 people had died in fighting between the Amharas and Oromos in the northern Amhara region.

The ombudsman, Endale Haile, said nearly 330,000 people had been displaced by the violence.

He said about a quarter of the houses in the town of Ataye had been burned down.

Much of the fighting has been in a zone within the Amhara region which is mainly populated by Oromos.

Earlier in the week Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in parts of the state.

Questions are being asked about whether elections due in June will take place.

Several areas of the country are being torn apart by violence, especially the northern region of Tigray, which has been at war for the past six months.