German Drugmaker, Biontech Set To Develop Malaria Vaccine

German Drugmaker, Biontech Set To Develop Malaria Vaccine

German drugmaker, BioNTech, has announced plans to develop a Messenger RNA (mRNA)- based vaccine to prevent malaria, a life-threatening disease that impacts millions of people, especially in Africa.

The company, which developed the United States’ first authorised COVID-19 vaccine with an American drugmaker, Pfizer, said it is planning to begin clinical trials by the end of 2022.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), European Commission and other organisations have been involved in the early planning phase of the new vaccine, the company said.

It added that global organisations have also offered their support to identify and set up the necessary infrastructure.

“We’re committed to reducing the suffering of people worldwide, so we feel we have a duty to utilise our technology to develop and manufacture an mRNA-based vaccine that addresses this life-threatening disease,” BioNTech CEO, Ugur Sahin, said in a statement obtained by PREMIUM TIMES on Monday.

The company also pledged to manufacture the potential vaccine in African facilities – either with licensed production partners or on its own.