Poverty cripples national development - Queen Okwuosa.

Poverty cripples national development - Queen Okwuosa.

Winning a crown at a beauty pageant has and will remain the dream of many young ladies. 

This, no doubt will be in the reckoning of 2020 Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi (MBGN) pageant which came to an end recently when Queen Okwuosa Uju emerged as the most beautiful girl of perpe entertainment.

Queen Okwuosa Uju, speaking about her project, said,  “Sustain the Famished (STF), has many areas under it, it revolves around education, empowerment, health and environmental sustainability. 

It is a project borne out from me to give back to society. The idea is aimed at eradicating poverty through feeding and capacity building of the less privileged.” 

 According to her, ‘’the fight against poverty is one of the key components of the development of any country. If the percentage of poor people is high, national development stalls. Therefore, poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria are extremely important. They are aimed at improving the economic and social conditions for the unprotected part of the population. 

“I want to provide universal access to basic social services, progressively developing social protection systems to support those who cannot support themselves and empowering people living in poverty, I will kick-start with Anambra, Imo State, Abuja (FCT), Abia State and Lagos States.

 “Creating a platform to reach out to the needy will build a global community that will sustain development in all spheres of life, ” she said.

 Okwuosa urged more people to participate in charity acts by voluntarily giving their time to make people and the society better. 

“I have personally worked in promoting education, gender equality, poverty eradication and environmental sustainability for some time, and it has been a wonderful experience for me.

“Beauty queens are not well recognised in Nigeria. A lot of people don’t understand their position and importance in society. Pageantry promotes unity, setting pace, empowerment, poor eradication, fight against sexual abuse and violence, 

“Girls from different parts of the country come together to live in the same environment, interact and learn. A beauty queen is a peace and goodwill ambassador, and a role model, especially young girls. 

“Beauty queens are not just girls with fine faces, it goes beyond that. I also urged international organisations, corporate bodies and individuals to engage in charitable work in their respective communities to help make the world a better place,” she said.