The man Justice Ayo Isa Salami

The man Justice Ayo Isa Salami

Justice Ayo Isa Salami was the President of Court of Appeal who, for the first time in our rigging history, along with other Justices, removed some Govenors who were brought in by PDP Political Rigging Machine. This restored the mandates of Adams Oshiomole, Segun Mimiko, Kayode Fayemi and Rauf Aregbesola.

Obviously, this made the PDP ran mad! There was no member of the PDP that didn't run mad, from head to bottom! They were boasting that Salami will be dealt with. Immediately, they RESTRUCTURED the Governorship tribunal cases which ought to be ending at the court of appeal, their NASS quickly shifted it to the Supreme Court. PDP know how to CHANGE laws that they don't like but when it comes to CONFAB Report, they kept it under the bed for nine months and after losing power, they started crying foul.

Of course, by extending the appeal to the Supreme Court, Rivers and Akwa Ibom Governors who had earlier lost in two courts were saved by the Supreme Court. That is Restructuring according to the PDP.

Back to Salami. PDP were looking for a way to retaliate the unforgivable sin of Salami. Then, a case of Wamakko, then Governor of Sokoto was with him. Wammako had crossed from ANPP to PDP and picked the PDP Ticket without due process, so, Salami was about to deliver judgement. Katsina - Alu, the then CJN had been contacted by the PDP to help them out. Alu, in the presence of his would be successor Musdapher, asked Salami to deliver the judgement in favor of Wamakko but Salami said his judgement would be based on the law, after all, he's not the only justice sitting on the case. Few days after, NJC through the influence of Alu quickly promoted Salami to the Supreme Court so as to arrest his judgement but Salami refused the hypocritical promotion which he has the right to. Salami went further by saying that the CJN having failed to force him to sell his judgement to Wamakko is now desperate to arrest the judgement.

NJC invited the duo and Alu denied. Then Salami mentioned Musdapher as his only witness, Alu also did same. Salami and Musdapher were agelong friends but Musdapher knew that if he said the truth, he won't become the CJN in about few months again when Alu retires, so under OATH, he denied Salami's allegations. FRIEND!

Salami was sent on suspension until he retired. Wamakko won his case through another Justice. Alu retired and Musdapher became CJN.
However, when Musdapher became CJN, he cleared Salami and recommended that he be reinstated. GEJ disagreed and threatened to jail Musdapher for lying under OATH, so the matter died there.

But God visited Katsina - Alu. He was sitting , together with his darling wife, inside his garden when wind started to blow and before they could say Jack Robinson, the wind uprooted a tree, carried the tree in perfect precision and landed it on his wife. The wife died instantly!
Today, Alu himself is not heard of.
Salami is totally vindicated by the same institution that ridiculed him.