2023: Buhari's nepotism will motivate the Igbos - INC

2023: Buhari's nepotism will motivate the Igbos - INC

The Igbo National Council, INC, said that the reported favouring of one section of the country in terms of federal appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari, would quicken the actualization of the Nigeria president of Igbo extraction

This was was disclosed on Saturday by the President of INC, Chilos Godsent, while speaking to Southeast voice in Owerri, Imo State capital.

INC argued that nepotism of the present administration would make the Igbos work together.

According to INC, “Buhari’s nepotism is furthering the unity of Igbo nation to struggle to produce president of Nigeria. The issue is that the Igbos are already united . Nepotism can never be an obstacle.

“There will always be interest. It is not the bases on which the president wants that must win, if not Goodluck Jonathan, would have won even when he contested for himself.”

“The nepotism further demonstrated by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, will further unite the Igbos to see the need to work collectively. So, the lopsided appointment will be unifying factor for the Igbos,” Godsent said.