COVID-19: Couples To Obtain Clearance Before Weddings in Lagos.

COVID-19: Couples To Obtain Clearance Before Weddings in Lagos.

To curtail the spread of COVID-19, the Lagos government has directed prospective couples to obtain clearance from the Lagos State Safety Commission to hold weddings.

The memo titled 'Stay At Home', couples were directed to hold weddings with not more than 300 people in attendance with prior clearance from the Commission.

The memo explained, "Weddings and social gatherings must not exceed 300 people with prior clearance from the Lagos State Safety Commission."

Director-General of the Lagos State Safety Commission, Lanre Mojola explained that the state government is concerned about large gatherings and big weddings as the state experience a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.

He added that the clearance is free and prospective couples will have to go on the Commission's website to input the details of their weddings. 

Majola also revealed that safety marshals would be deployed to such events to enforce all COVID-19 protocols to prevent any virus's possible spread.

Majola said; "If it is not a big wedding, maybe 50 people, 100 people, we are not concerned. But if it is a large gathering with 300 people and above, it is mandatory that you get a clearance. It is a free clearance; no payment whatsoever.

"The process is not difficult; you go online and input the details of the wedding. There might be a requirement to have safety marshals on ground, depending on the size of the wedding.

"The move is to put in place some control measures to prevent super-spreader weddings and hold people accountable. It also helps us in planning. For instance, if we are envisaging 500 guests at a wedding, there will be more attention on them. We will do our regular patrols and visit such places to ensure that they comply with safety protocols."