COVID-19: Lagos shuts down schools, band concert, and street parties

COVID-19: Lagos shuts down schools, band concert, and street parties

Lagos State government has given an order that all schools should be closed with immediate effect as it also placed an indefinite ban on concerts and street parties.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu disclosed this in a statement on Friday titled; We cannot afford to relax the battle against COVID-19′.

According to the governor, the restriction became necessary following the spike of Covid-19 in the state in recent weeks.

Sanwo-Olu blamed it on the public's negligence to comply with the precautionary measures against the virus's spread.

"Of every 100 tests that we now perform, an average of 10 turn out to be positive. It is an increase from the 5 per hundred recorded in September, but lower than our peak in August, which was between 20 and 30 per hundred. This development suggests active community transmission and represents the likely possibility of a second wave in Lagos State.

"This second wave calls for a full re-awakening of caution and precaution. The complacency that crept in over the last few months as a result of our early interventions when cases started to decline from our peak in August, must now give way to an abundance of vigilance."

In a way to curtail the second wave of COVID-19, Sanwo-Olu also ordered the public servants from GL 14 and below to work from home from Monday, December 21st for the next 14 days, after which a review would be made.

According to the governor, "Concerts, carnivals and street parties are banned in Lagos State until further notice.

"Night Clubs have not been allowed to open yet. All Night Clubs in Lagos must immediately shut down until further notice.

"The midnight to 4 a.m curfew imposed by the Federal Government remains in place.

"The protocol of 'No Mask No Entry' must be enforced by all public places: Offices, Businesses, Markets, Shops, and so on.

"All Places of worship (Churches, Mosques, etc.) must ensure that no gathering exceeds two hours, and also that no gathering exceeds 50% of the maximum capacity of the Venue.

"A minimum of two meters' distance should be maintained between seated or standing guests.

"All guests and service providers at events MUST wear nose masks/coverings before entry."

Sanwo-Olu enjoined the residents to follow all precautionary measures this festive period to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 in the state.

"It is important that as a community, we strictly abide by the above regulations in the context of a global pandemic, without prejudicing our efforts to keep the economy running and maintain our means of livelihood to a sufficient extent.

"Let us use this festive season to spend quality time in small but controlled gatherings with family and friends in the spirit of the season. This virus does not discriminate. We must take responsibility, and not treat this pandemic with levity."