NNL: Vandrezzer's pullout was too hasty - Adesanya

NNL:  Vandrezzer's pullout was too hasty - Adesanya

The Nigeria National Football League has dismissed allegations levelled against it by Vandrezzers FC of Lagos as unfounded.

Reacting to the reasons adduced by the Lagos based club for which they based their pulling out of the league, NNL Chief Operating Officer, Emmanuel Adesanya said the club’s accusations were unfounded.

Speaking in a chat with Sports Vanguard on Friday, Adesanya said contrary to what the management of Vandrezzer FC said, in the case of Osun United, the NNL could not have taken a decision without getting match reports from the officials appointed to superintend the match.

“The match in Osogbo ran its full course and the result was in favour of the home side. This was supported by the match commissioner’s and match referee’s reports, hence the decision to award the match to Osun. Whatever happened outside the pitch did not interfere with the course of the match “

When reminded that match officials could have compromised in their reports, Adesanya replied, “That is why we have Independent Match Assessors. They are neither known by the match commissioners nor the referees. Even the clubs do not know them.”

He also dismissed the incident at the home match of Go Round FC in Omoku, Rivers State.

“We at the NNL were not aware of any negotiations between the two clubs concerning the said money the home side asked them to pay before they would allow live streaming of the match. While we support the live streaming of matches, it must however be made clear that the home side have absolute rights to the match. Apart from Vandrezzer, other clubs including Shooting Stars of Ibadan also livestream their matches. But I must say Vandrezzer FC are the most equipped, I give it to them.”

Continuing, Adesanya said, “During our negotiations with Vandrezzer FC, we asked them if the demand for whatever amount Go Round was asking for was documented. They said no. Was that enough for them to have refused to play the game? They left Omoku that evening and drove all night to Benin, despite the risk they were putting their players and officials to.”

Adesanya said the decision by the club to pull out from the league was hasty and unfortunate. “They had appealed to the NFF Appeals Committee. They should have waited for the committee to meet and make a decision on their case before any action. The NFF Appeals Committee is expected to sit before the next round of matches which begins next week. I think they were hasty.”